Penny's Library



Shiny Water

The Anderson Tapes

The Pleasures of Helen

Love Songs

The First Deadly Sin

The Tomorrow File

The Tangent Objective

The Second Deadly Sin

The Marlow Chronicles

The Tangent Factor

The Sixth Commandment

Caper (Lesley Andress)

Dark Summer (Mark Upton)

The Tenth Commandment

The Third Deadly Sin

The Case of Lucy Bending

The Seduction Of Peter S

The Passion of Molly T.

The Fourth Deadly Sin

The Loves of Harry Dancer

Tales of the Wolf

The Eighth Commandment

The Dream Lover

The Timothy Files

Timothy's Game

Capital Crimes

Sullivan's Sting

Stolen Blessings

McNally's Secret

The Seventh Commandment

McNally's Luck

McNally's Risk (Vincent Lardo)

Private Pleasures

McNally's Caper

McNally's Trial

McNally's Puzzle

McNally's Gamble (Vincent Lardo)

Guilty Pleasures

McNally's Dilemma (Vincent Lardo)

McNally's Folly (Vincent Lardo)

McNally's Chance (Vincent Lardo)

McNally's Alibi (Vincent Lardo)

McNally's Dare (Vincent Lardo)

McNally's Bluff (Vincent Lardo)

The Eye Of The Heart (John Camp)

Rules of Prey

Plastic Surgery: The Kindest Cut (John Camp)

Shadow Prey

Eyes of Prey

Silent Prey

Winter Prey

Night Prey

Mind Prey

The Empress File (John Camp)

Sudden Prey

The Fool's Run (John Camp)

The Night Crew

Secret Prey

Certain Prey

Easy Prey

The Devil's Code

Chosen Prey

Mortal Prey

Naked Prey

The Hanged Man's Song

Hidden Prey

Broken Prey

Dead Watch

Murder In The Rough

Invisible Prey

Dark of the Moon

Phantom Prey

The Hollower

Found You (Leisure Fiction)

When the Wind Blows

The God Project



Cry for the Strangers

Suffer the Children


The Unwanted

The Unloved

Punish the Sinners

Comes the Blind Fury






The Homing

Black Lightning

Second Child

Blackstone Chronicles

The Presence

The Right Hand of Evil


The Manhattan Hunt Club

Midnight Voices

Black Creek Crossing

Perfect Nightmare

In the Dark of the Night

The Devil's Labyrinth: A Novel

The Face Of Fear: A Novel

House Of Reckoning: A Novel

Every Waking Moment


Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: The Uncensored Story Of The Jonbenet Murder And The Grand Jury's Search For The Truth

Darkness Falls

Haunted Heartland (True Ghost Stories From The American Midwest))

The Turning

Everywhere That Mary Went

Final Appeal

Running from the Law

Legal Tender

Rough Justice

Mistaken Identity

Moment of Truth

The Vendetta Defense

Courting Trouble

Dead Ringer

Killer Smile

Devil's Corner

Dirty Blonde

Daddy's Girl

Lady Killer

The Boogens (Robert Weverka)

The Cage

The Bug Funeral

Daring The Sea

Colder Than Ice

The Mayor Of Lexington Avenue

Last Rights

Tell Me Your Dreams

Takedown (John Markoff)


The Seeding

The Obsession

User I.D.


Children of the Night

Forbidden Research

Evil Eye

Primal Scream


A Faint Cold Fear

Indelible: A Novel

An Isolated Incident

The Search for the Green River Killer (Tomas Guillen)


Rabbit Health In The 21st Century: A Guide For Bunny Parents


The Ruins (Vintage) (Vintage)

False Witness

Dead Shot

Cry for Justice

Isolation Ward

Message in a Bottle

In the Bleak Midwinter

Heaven Sent

Read Between The Lines

Rhyme Or Reason

Wishing Moon

Longer Than

Baby Mine

Tempting Chance

Baby, Come Back

Slow Heat


Forbidden Fruit


Shocking Pink

Chances Are

Cause For Alarm

All Fall Down

Bone Cold

Dead Run

In Silence

See Jane Die

Killer Takes All


Last Known Victim

The Glow

Buried Lives


His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina

The Hacker Crackdown: Law And Disorder On The Electronic Frontier


Whispers In The Night: 2 Novels In 1

Den Of Thieves: Untold Story Of Men Who Plundered Wall St & Chase Brought Down

Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away with Murder

Dead Even

Last Look: A Novel Of Suspense

Call Waiting (Point Horror Series)


A Month At The Shore

Expert Testimony

Probable Cause

Religious Conviction

Illegal Motion

Blind Judgment

Blood in Their Eyes: The Elaine Race Massacres of 1919

To The Last Breath: Three Women Fight For The Truth Behind A Child's Tragic Murder


Open Air



If You Could See Me Now

Ghost Story


Generals Wife

Floating Dragon

The Talisman (Stephen King)

Under Venus



Mrs God

Houses without Doors

The Throat

Blue Rose


The Hellfire Club

Magic Terror: 7 Tales

Pork Pie Hat

Mr. X

Black House (Stephen King)

Lost Boy, Lost Girl

In the Night Room

The Wolfen

The Wild

A Wilderness of Mirrors

Ice Storm

Fire And Ice

Shattered Innocence

Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles

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