Graham Masterton
Severn House Publishers (2006)
Paperback 0727891715
A supernatural thriller from the master of suspense Californian James Falcon's compelling Romanian mother told him so many folk stories that by the time he reaches college in 1943, he is something of an expert on the strigoi, the legendary, undying vampires who infested the most isolated forests of Wallachia. Mostly as a joke, he writes a term paper on the strigoi. But the joke turns serious when US counterintelligence approach him to recruit his expertise. James hunts down strigoi murderers in war-ravaged Europe, Nazi assassins hired to run down run down the French and Belgian resistance in exchange for Transylvanian independence, although the principal one, the terrible Dorin Duca, continues to elude him. In the Cold War, he must fight once more, as Duca goes on the rampage, spreading his strigoi infection all across London, England. With Jill, a police dog handler of great beauty and resilience, James is assigned to Britain's MI6 to go on the hunt again. But even after thethreat is driven away, James will still uncover more secrets about the immortal predators ? secrets that come ever closer to home

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Language English
Country USA
Printing 74
Cover Price $14.95
No. of Pages 216
Height x Width 213 x 132 mm
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Owner Penny Hinton
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