Black Angel
Graham Masterton
Mandarin (1991)
Paperback 0749309636
Larry Foggia, a police detective investigating a series of brutal murders, discovers that the killer is not human but an actual demon. Still mostly imprisoned by a century-old spell, the demon and its minions are killing people in a ritualistic fashion, growing with each death, preparing for the day when they will be strong enough to gain their freedom.

A ritual killer - nicknamed 'Satan' on account of his exceptional cruelty - stalks the city, killing in terrible ways with no apparent motive. Enter Lieutenant Foggia who, assisted by a spiritualist medium, must discover the reason for the slayings. But the truth he unearths is beyond anything he's encountered in the real world - for the killings are paving the way for a force so powerful that the lives of a few innocents will appear unimportant in comparison...
Perhaps his most brutal novel, Black Angel contains some of the most horrendous scenes of violence Masterton has ever committed to paper. It also features several of his favourite themes, such as spiritualism and demonology, and moves at a fast pace from the stomach-churning opening to the exciting final confrontation between man and demon.

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