The Devils of D-Day
Graham Masterton
Time Warner Paperbacks (1978)
Paperback 0722159935
September, 1944..the villagers of Pont D'Ouilly still shudder at the memory of that infernal day when a special division of American tanks annihilated a Nazi armored column. Thirteen U.S. tanks, all painted black. A strange sight, even in wartime. One of the vehicles had broken a track, and stopped, its deadly mission complete. For some mysterious reason, the Allies sealed the hatch, and left the tank by the roadside. For thirty years, it sat there, rusting with time, a grim reminder of the nearly forgotten battle. Some local people claimed the tank was cursed. Hadn't they head eerie voices and wild laughter echoing from within? And didn't an old woman die exactly thirteen days after she'd tried to exorcize the supposed demons? Was there indeed a supernatural force inside..something so unearthly and sinister that no one would come near..something capable of unleashing an unspeakable evil that no power on earth could destroy?

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