Graham Masterton
Severn House Publishers (1998)
This is the third in Graham Masterton's Rook supernatural horror series. The Terror sees a new student joining Jim Rookís Special Class II for remedial English, a young Mexican boy called Rafael Diaz. He seems pleasant enough at first and fits into the group nicely, but this is probably due to the fact that heís offering to rid the other pupils of all their deepest, darkest fears (such as spiders and the dark) by way of an ancient Mayan cleansing ritual.
Unfortunately Rafaelís dabbling backfires, and when some of the kids end up dead, Jim Rook has to try and figure out why. Actually itís not all that difficult, as he discovers when the physical embodiment of all these ècleansedí fears pays him a visit at his flat - and tears the place apart. Now the race is on for Jim to find a way to destroy this creature only he can see before it claims yet more lives, making itself more powerful in the process

First there was "Rook", then came "Tooth and Claw". This is the third in Graham Masterton's "Rook" supernatural horror series.

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Language English
Country USA
Printing 11
Series Rook
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Owner Penny Hinton