Black Cat
V.C. Andrews
Pocket Star (2004)
In Collection
Mass Market Paperback 0743428609

She hid her true self.

Now the truth will be revealed.

Living a life of lies under the thumb of her widowed, spiritually-obsessed mother, Celeste has been forced to take on the identity of her dead twin brother, Noble. She's almost forgotten what it's like to be Celeste -- except for the one thing that keeps her sane: caring for her darling daughter, Baby Celeste. But when Celeste's mother marries a kindly neighbor, a new breed of poisonous secrets and vicious enemies will force Celeste to do what she must -- to survive the darkness....

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Language English
Country USA
Printing 56
Series Gemini
Cover Price $7.99
No. of Pages 400
Height x Width 166 x 106 mm
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Owner Penny Hinton
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