V.C. Andrews
Pocket (1999)
In Collection
Mass Market Paperback 0671028006

"We lived in such a perfect world. Why were we so imperfect?"

All Misty ever wanted was a normal family. But like so many others, Misty's parents didn't stay together. Now they use Misty to hurt each other, to deliver tiny cruelties in an endless stream. Misty knows her parents might love her. But Misty has an unspeakable secret that burns in the core of her very being: she hates them.

Misty isn't as alone as she thinks. She's about to meet three other girls who are just like her -- each one with their own dark secrets to share....

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Language English
Country USA
Printing 33
Series Wildflowers
Cover Price $3.99
No. of Pages 176
Height x Width 172 x 107 mm
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Condition Very Fine
Owner Penny Hinton
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