Secret Melody
Paula Minton.
Magnum Books (Prestige) (1964)
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LET THE DEAD LIE ... High on the treacherous cliffs near the French Riviera, an old house brooded in darkness, concealing strange enigmas of long forgotten years. It was no place for a young American girl on her first trip away from home. For it was guarded by a caretaker with only one ambition- to let the dead lie undisturbed, no matter what the cost. But Anne Morway, in desperate quest of her long-lost half-brother, had to plumb its innermost depths and risk all perils to find the answers to a strange and haunting melody, that surely was an accompaniment to death .. Dirge of Death ... Anne looked at the jagged hole in the window, not comprehending at first. But when her dilated eyes turned slowly towards the door and fixed on the ugly hole in the plaster, she put her hand to her mouth in frantic terror. Someone was trying to kill her be. cause she had found the concerto-she must hide it where it would be safe. On her knees, she crawled to the spinet, balancing herself on one palm, and reached up for the sheaf of pages with the other, seized it, just as another sinister tinkle of glass reo sounded and, this time, the bullet meant for her buried itself into the top of the spinet ... PUT PLEASURE IN YOUR READING Larger type makes the difference This EASY EYE Edition is set In large, clear type-at least 30 percent larger than usual. It Is printed on non-glare paper for better contrast and less eye strain. .

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Language English
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