Ed McBain
Pocket Star (2004)
Mass Market Paperback 0743476522

I'm a Fathead, Men!

I Am the Deaf Man!

Unscrambling the cryptic messages -- anagrams, Detective Carella called them -- delivered to the 87th Precinct confirmed that the master criminal who has eluded them time and again is not only alive and well, but may or may not be behind a deadly revenge shooting. For that matter, the Deaf Man may or may not be deaf. But he's getting through loud and clear with clues drawn from Shakespeare's works -- taunting hints and maddening riddles pointing to his next plan of attack. It doesn't take a literary scholar to know there's no room for misinterpretation. For when the Deaf Man talks, everybody listens...or somebody gets hurt.

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Language English
Country USA
Printing 54
Series 87th Precinct
Cover Price $7.99
No. of Pages 432
Height x Width 168 x 102 mm
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Owner Penny Hinton
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