King's Ransom
Ed McBain
Orion mass market paperback (1959)
Paperback 0752857967
Wealthy Douglas King has received a ransom demand. But it isn't his own son who has been kidnapped, it's his chauffeur's. If he pays up, it could ruin the biggest deal he ever made in his life, and throw away his future. But is the alternative to sacrifice a child's life? Detective Steve Carella and the rest of the 87th Precinct can only keep trying to nab the kidnappers and hope that Doug King decides to give them the payoff. But if King doesn't play ball, they'll have a cold-blooded murder on their hands . . .

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Language English
Country USA
Printing 10
Series 87th Precinct
Cover Price $12.40
No. of Pages 230
Height x Width 172 x 110 mm
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Owner Penny Hinton
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