The Pusher - A Novel of the 87th Precinct
Ed McBain
Pocket (1956)
Mass Market Paperback 0743463056

Most suicides don't realize the headaches they cause....

Two a.m. in the bitter cold of winter: the young Hispanic man's body was found in a tenement basement. The rope around his neck suggested a clear case of suicide -- until the autopsy revealed he'd overdosed on heroin. He was a pusher, and now a thousand questions pressed down on the detectives of the 87th Precinct: Who set up the phony hanging? Whose fingerprints were on the syringe found at the scene? Who was making threatening phone calls, attempting to implicate Lieutenant Byrnes' teenage son? Somebody was pushing the 87th Precinct hard, and Detective Steve Carella and Lieutenant Pete Byrnes have to push back harder -- before a frightening and deadly chain tightens its grip.

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Language English
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Series 87th Precinct
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No. of Pages 256
Height x Width 173 x 109 mm
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